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   About Me
  My name is Will, I'm 26 years old and I Just moved to Las Vegas, NV from Los Angles, CA.

  I used work at a theme park in security and I loved it. I also do some graphic design and websites for fun but lately i been doing it for money, this is my new website I just made. I'm I was trying to be a cop, I took the LAPD test and passed it, But i moved so maybe ill try for LVMPD

  I love hockey, I used to play but I hurt my knee and my back so I really can't play anymore. I also play Counter Strike, BF2, FEAR, any online shooting game where I can kill people :)

  I like going out to bars, clubs and movies. I Mostly go out to Green Valley Ranch to watch Steel Panthers. I like to travel, I been to Germany, England, Italy, France, Spain, Colombia and Chile. Thats Pretty much it, if you are intrested in a website or something just hit me up.
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